Community-based Attachments

Community-based Attachments

A number of you will have found yourselves in a community based attachment (CBA), gaining more experience in community care and learning about the interaction between the community and the hospital. As time goes on and with more care moving into the ‘community space’, an increased number of you will be completing CBAs. At present this is done on a voluntary basis; however, it will become compulsory in the future – the Council has approved a staged transition, with 10% of house officers completing a community based clinical attachment in 2015/2016 and working towards 100% compliance by November 2020.

We are actively involved in assessing the run descriptions for these attachments, so if you are allocated to one and have any concerns please check with your RMO Unit in the first instance that the RDA has in fact ‘signed off’ on the run. Over the course of the year we will also be monitoring and assessing the new attachments as they are “worked” by making contact with everyone that completes a CBA, either by phone or by visiting your CBA site to talk to you directly. In the meantime, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) please do get in touch with us.

2016 Summary Community Based Attachments
2017 Summary Community Based Attachments

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