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1.1. Authority to act
Each Member acknowledges that by virtue of their membership: a. They appoint NZRDA to act as their exclusive agent in all matters connected with their employment or prospective employment, including the negotiation and enforcement of any individual or Collective Agreements unless agreed otherwise by the National Executive, provided that NZRDA can cease to act if the member and NZRDA agree. b. They will be bound by the terms of any employment agreements which are negotiated by NZRDA and are duly ratified in accordance with these rules. c. They will be bound by these rules until their membership ends, including rules relating to the procedure for the ratification of any terms of settlement of any negotiations relating to the terms and conditions of their employment to which NZRDA may agree pursuant to the Employment Relations Act 2000. d. They give their consent to NZRDA accessing personal information relevant to their employment. e. NZRDA’s appointment as their exclusive agent continues until their Membership ends, or on the member and NZRDA agreeing that the appointment should cease.

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