RDA and SToNZ: The Salary Differences

RDA and SToNZ: The Salary Differences

Let’s be honest, money does matter and at first glance there is a rather large salary difference between the RDA and SToNZ contracts. This salary difference is because of the different ways in which the contracts calculate salaries. RMO salary calculations are unique to say the least, so we hope this will help clarify some things for you.

RDA Salary Calculations

Under the RDA contract, your days off are paid (i.e. the mornings before night shifts, sleep recovery days after night shifts and rostered days off after working the weekend). This is because clause 8.1.2 in the RDA contract ensures 8 hours a day Monday to Friday are paid regardless of whether those days are worked or not.

As RMOs do not have night-time or overtime rates like other professions in the health sector, this is essentially your penal payment for working nights and weekends. There is, however, a deduction for rostered days off that ranges from $197-$205 for first year house officers depending on your DHB. This deduction is less than your normal daily rate and is a trade-off to protect your salary category from dropping.

SToNZ Salary Calculations

The SToNZ contract does not ensure your days off are paid. This is because the SToNZ penal payment clause (clause 12.1.2) states that days completely free from work will not be counted as 8 hours worked. This means that rostered days off are not paid and from December 2020, sleep recovery days will also not be paid.

A core difference between the two contracts is your entitlement to rostered days off after working a weekend. Under the SToNZ contract there is no entitlement to rostered days off and SToNZ members will be working 12-day stretches. If the DHB allows SToNZ members to take RDOs, these will not be paid and will likely result in a salary category drop.

These different calculation methods are why some runs sees RDA members being paid more than SToNZ members who observe rostered days off.

Download this template roster which shows how salaries are currently calculated by the two unions and how they will be calculated after December 2020 when payment for sleep recovery days will cease for SToNZ members. 

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