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On 1 July 2022 Health NZ (HNZ) and the Māori Health Authority (MHA) will become legal entities and all the DHBs will be disestablished. The Pae Ora legislation that creates what will be the most substantial and significant change to our health system in decades, has passed through its Select Committee stage and is now set to become law. If you wish to read this legislation it can be found here.

For those who don’t (understandably) want to read the legislation, NZRDA will be providing key things you need to know over the upcoming weeks through to July 1 in brief emails and accompanying videos for your information. We still don’t know everything about how the new entities will function, but as light is shed on what our future looks like, we will keep you informed.

Health NZ Newsletter #1

  1. HNZ will be the single employer for all employees currently employed by DHBs. That means that all RMOs currently in DHB employment will automatically (by virtue of the legislation) become HNZ employees on 1 July 2022. You don’t need to do anything – this will simply happen courtesy of the legislation.
  2. For those of you on the move at our July changeover: you will not be changing employers – you will simply be transferring to another work location with the same (single) employer (HNZ). The DHBs do seem to be having some difficulty “letting go” and we understand are still requesting RMOs resign their employment in July and recommence employment with the new DHB a day later.  We have communicated with the DHBs about this, however….! You will still have to do paperwork around payroll, security, passwords, etc as the DHB infrastructure will not have changed – so we will still have separate payrolls for a while at least, however, your employment is not terminating and being commenced anew. If you are asked to resign, just get in touch, do not resign.
  3. The CE of HNZ is Margie Apia, previously CE of CMDHB. The CE of MHA is Riana Manuel (Ngāti Pukenga, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Kahungunu), previously CE of Hauraki Primary Health Organisation and Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki. The second tier of the HNZ management structure is to be announced shortly.
  4. We do know however that HNZ will have a 4-regional structure, each with a CE however they will NOT be employers rather responsible for delivering on local service imperatives.
  5. NZRDA supports a single RMO service within HNZ (see paper here) which has been warmly received by HNZ.
  6. A new National Public Health Unit will be established under the Ministry of Health. Discussions are underway between this unit and NZRDA with respect to public health registrars, their employment, and training.

More to follow….

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