Lieu Days

MECA FAQs – Lieu Days

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Clause 19.0 (page 29 to 30 of your MECA).

You are entitled to an alternative paid holiday (day in lieu) when you have worked or been on call on a public holiday. Irrespective of how many hours you work on that public holiday you are entitled to 1 whole day in lieu. The day in lieu must be taken within 12 months of the entitlement to an alternative paid day having arisen.

A day is a day, regardless of whether you are rostered on a long day. This means you are entitled to have 1 day’s worth of work off by using a lieu day.

Under the MECA you have the final say as to whether or not you take a day(s) in lieu provided that 1. You have provided adequate notice (14 days); and 2. If the employer comes back and declines the request, you ‘take into consideration the view of the DHB’ i.e. acknowledge that the day requested may not be convenient.

You are entitled to have these days paid out to you. However, we strongly recommend that you take your day(s) in lieu where possible.

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