Limits on Hours

MECA FAQs – Limits on Hours

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Clause 13.0 (pages 23 to 25 of your MECA).

You cannot be rostered to work more than 72 hours in a 7 day period, or more than 144 hours in a 14 day period.

If you are an RMO working in the Emergency Department you should not be rostered to work more than 50 hours per week over a period of 4 weeks. In any 1 week you should not be rostered to work more than 60 hours.

Contact the RMO unit as soon as you realise you have been rostered over the maximum hours and let them know. You should contact them via email so that you have a written record of what has happened between you and them, Cc the RDA in to the email so that we are aware of the situation.

The RMO unit will then look for an RMO that can cover a part of your rostered work so that your rostered hours fall below the maximum hours allowed.

If you are rostered to work over the maximum number of hours and the RMO unit are unable to organise a replacement to work in your place you are entitled to a penalty payment.

For working greater than 72 rostered hours in 7 days you receive $550 and for greater than 144 hours in 14 days $1000.

You are not entitled to a penalty payment from the DHB if you have not informed them of the problem and given them an opportunity to find somebody else to do the work.

You cannot be rostered to work more than 16 hours a day.

Some rosters combine on duty work with on call work, these must be agreed to between the DHB and the RDA prior to implementation and consideration is given to whether an RMO can get adequate sleep whilst on call prior to the roster being implemented (for further information about being on call please see “on call”).

You should be provided with a minimum break between duties of 8 hours.

If you work in an Emergency Department you cannot be rostered to work over 10 hours in a day.

You are entitled to a period of 9 hours off between duties rather than 8.

If the DHB is unable to provide you with a break of 8 hours between your rostered shifts you are entitled to a penalty payment of $146.

This is complicated for those who are on a call back roster over the weekend as this is considered to be one continuous period of duty. Therefore as long as you get 1 period of 8 hours off work between your call back period commencing and going in to work on Monday morning you are not eligible for this penalty payment.

A long day is defined as a period of work that exceeds 10 hours in length. You cannot be rostered to work more than 2 long days in any 7 day period of work.

The maximum number of consecutive days that you can be rostered to work is 12. Once you have worked 12 days in a row the DHB must give you a rostered period off work of at least 48 hours duration.

You must also be given every second weekend completely free of duties.

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