New Roster Provisions

MECA FAQs – New Roster Provisions

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Schedule 10 (pages 76 to 82 of your MECA – see link).

Schedule 10 is found on page 76 of your MECA and includes the new rostering rules which apply to those rosters listed in the table.

Not all rosters are covered by Schedule 10. Take a look at the rosters listed in the table – if your roster is listed then it is covered by Schedule 10.

In short, no employee shall work more than 10 consecutive days and no employee shall work more than 4 consecutive nights. For more detail, please read Schedule 10 in its entirety.

It is the responsibility of the DHBs. However, we are encouraging members on the affected rosters to start looking at how these new rosters might look. If you need any assistance please contact your local delegate or the RDA office.

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