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MECA FAQs – On Call

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Clause 14 (page 24 and 25 of the MECA).

If you are “on call” you are able to leave the hospital and are required to return to work if called back. Carrying the “on call” pager when on duty in the hospital is not being “on call” as defined by the MECA.

If you have left the hospital and are called back, you should be paid for all hours worked including travel time from home (or an alternative location if you are not at home) and until you return home. This will be 3 hours minimum payment except that further call backs that take place for in a period already paid for by a previous call back will not trigger a second payment.  For example if you are called back and the time away from home is two hours then you will be paid for three hours, however if you are away from home for one hour and then return to the work place for a second call back an hour later and stay for 3 hours then you will be paid for four hours being the total of the two callbacks. Call backs are paid at the rates detailed in clause 14.2 (found on page 27 of the MECA).

Yes. You are entitled to be reimbursed the actual and reasonable costs that are incurred in travelling to and from work when called back to work whilst on call.

$4 per hour in addition to any other payments including call back payments.

If you have agreed to carry out an additional on call shift by the DHB then the rate increases from $4 per hour to $25 per hour.

If you are on call and receive a work related telephone consultation that does not require you to return to the hospital then you are entitled to a payment for a minimum of one hour at additional duties rates.

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