Public Holidays

MECA FAQs – Public Holidays

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When a public holiday falls during a period of annual leave, sick leave on pay or special leave on pay an Employee is entitled to that holiday which is not to be debited against such leave. See MECA section 18.4.1 Leave on pay.

Except where the provisions of 18.4.1 above apply, if a public holiday, other than Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day*, falls on a rostered Employee’s off duty day (such off duty day not being a Saturday or a Sunday) the Employee shall be granted an additional day’s leave at a later date convenient to the Employer.

*We will be seeking to delete the exclusion of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day in this provision at upcoming MECA Bargaining.

An Employee shall not be entitled to payment for a public holiday falling during a period of leave without pay (including sick leave and military leave without pay) unless the Employee has worked during the fortnight ending on the day on which the holiday is observed. See MECA 18.4.2 Leave without pay.

An Employee shall, during a period on reduced pay, be paid at the same reduced rate for public holidays falling during the period of such leave. See MECA 18.4.3 Leave on reduced pay.

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