Information about NZRDA Delegates

Who are your Delegates?
Use the interactive map to see your local delegates by clicking the button below. If you require assistance getting in touch with any of our delegates please contact the RDA office and we can help out, email

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What does a delegate do?

Delegates provide an important link between our members and the RDA office – this may include organising RDA meetings and talking to new employees about the benefits of RDA membership such as belonging to a strong collective group. Where appropriate delegates will also provide support to members about workplace issues.

Are you interested in becoming a delegate?

The delegate role is a very rewarding one – as a delegate you have the opportunity to develop negotiation and problem solving skills, to help others less able speak out and to have a real say in the future direction of your profession. The role of delegate is a learning process and we are always available at the RDA office should you have any questions. We hold training for delegates every year which is a fun way to meet other delegates, learn about your employment agreement and rights and also how to help other members.

Get in touch to find out more 

If you are interested in becoming a delegate we suggest you have a face to face chat with one of our current delegates who can answer any questions you may have about the role. You can email us here at the RDA office at and we can provide you with further information about the role for you to look over.

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