Fixed- Term Employment, Locums and Secondments During Covid-19.

Fixed- Term Employment, Locums and Secondments During Covid-19.

March 26, 2020



I have been asked to work in another DHB during the response. What are my rights?

If you accept a request to work in another DHB then generally this will be done as a secondment for the duration of the response. You will be entitled to additional duties for all hours worked.

What are my rights if I locum during the Covid response?

As a locum the minimum rates payable are the additional duties rates, and all provisions of the MECA apply (except reimbursement of costs of training/APC).

I have been offered a fixed term employment agreement what are my rights on this?

The DHBs could use fixed term employment agreements for RMOs not currently in the workforce to help respond. If you are on a fixed term agreement, your employment ends on the date or event specified in the contract but all other provisions of the MECA apply.

I have been asked to take annual leave. Do I have to?

No, where you are ready and willing to work, but it is safer for you to be at home, you should be on special leave with pay.

I am immunocomprised/asthmatic/pregnant and have not yet had a response from Occ health to self-referral. What should I be doing?

Have a frank discussion with your manager or SMO, and plan to start working from home, limiting patient contact, and wearing PPE at all times when patient facing.

What’s the story with scrubs?

Although scrubs are not PPE, they should be worn under PPE, fresh pairs should be worn each shift and they should be being left at the DHB to launder.

NB: If you have a pile of scrubs at home, PLEASE return them to the DHB.  The laundry can turn around scrubs in 24 hours but need quite a quantity to keep the supplies of fresh clean scrubs churning out.


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