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The training of colleagues is a fundamental principle of the medical profession. As doctors progress through their careers, it is expected that they educate those that come after them. While most adhere to the obligation, the assumption that RMOs innately know how to teach others is not true. An RMOs inability to appropriately provide training can lead to friction among colleagues and in extreme cases, allegations of bullying or inappropriate behaviour.

More than 1,000 doctors attend Oxford Medical Training’s Teach the Teacher course a year. The courses run regularly throughout the year in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Oxford, and in Virtual Training Rooms.

Teach the Teacher is a world-renowned program, that is run by Oxford Medical. The New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association Education Trust has kindly funded this program for nine RMOs to undertake. It will cover the teaching theories, principles, and tools necessary to support the training of other RMOs.

The skills required for a House Officer to teach a TI are different to those of a Registrar teaching a House Officer. For this reason, the course(s) will be split into three modules:

  • House officers training TIs.
  • Registrars training house officers.
  • Senior registrars training registrars.

The first course will run on the 15th and 16th of Mary 2023 – so get in quick!

On the Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors, you will explore formal teaching theories, principles, and teaching tools. The small-group training form keeps the course interactive. Over the two days, your tutor begins by introducing you to some well-established concepts. They support you to deliver a 1-to-1 teaching session and then a small group tutorial. This builds confidence and gives experience in applying what has been learned. Next, while working as part of a small team, preparing, and delivering a longer teaching session for the whole group, the different approaches required for each of these situations is discussed in depth with emphasis on different individual requirements. This means you learn from delivering your own teaching sessions and receiving feedback. You also learn from experiencing teaching from your fellow delegates, and your tutor further supports you to practice giving constructive feedback.

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