Resident Doctors Training Cancelled

Resident Doctors Training Cancelled

March 18, 2020

NZ Resident Doctors’ Association has cancelled the annual 4 day delegates training course set to occur in Nelson next week due to the Covid-19 situation.  Over 50 doctors were scheduled to attend the 4 days of training.

“With the importance of social isolation to combat the spread of COVID-19, plus the impact of taking over 50 doctors out of our hospitals at this time, cancellation of the meeting was in New Zealand’s best interest.” said Dr Deborah Powell, National Secretary of NZRDA.  “Whilst it is important for all employees to have skilled and trained union representation in the workplace, these 50+ doctors are needed to concentrate on other activities at present”



Dr Deborah Powell

National Secretary

New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association

Phone (09) 526 0280


Resident Doctors and Senior Medical Officers

Resident Doctors are also known as RMOs or Resident Medical Officers.  The term SMO (Senior Medical Officer) is the equivalent term for Senior Doctors or consultants working in NZ’s public health system.

Resident doctors are registered medical practitioners ranging from new graduates fresh out of medical school through to vocationally registered GPs and SMOs. They can be a resident doctor for up to 13 years, during which time they continue with postgraduate training in specialist fields such as GP, paediatrics, surgery, pathology, and so on. Once they complete this additional training they become GPs or SMOs.

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