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This section of the website is all about your training. If there’s a discussion, report, or review relevant to your training, we’ll post it on the site. NZRDA has an active voice where your training is concerned, and if you have any comments or feedback regarding current reviews, papers, or reports, please contact us as we welcome your feedback.

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Training Costs

The training costs lists have now been formulated and agreed to by NEG (National Engagement Group). The lists were updated 4th October, 2013. If there are items that should be included but are not please contact us. To determine how your DHB will manage prepayment costs of training, download this document:

Prepayment options by DHB – Oct

NZRDA Education Trust

Financial support for RMO training and education
The NZRDA Education Trust provides financial support for the furtherance and protection of the education or train

ing of RMOs in all aspects of medical practice in NZ.

The objectives of the Trust are:

  • The grants must be beneficial to all RMOs in NZ and not to further a personal career.
  • The grants need to be training/education that falls outside the provisions of the MECA i.e. costs of training.

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Ward Calls Podcast

The Ward Calls podcast dissects common ward calls you will need to confidently manage as a PGY1 doctor and beyond. We discuss practical, safe and comprehensive approaches that are achievable in the limited time available when working on the ward.

Career Planning

NZRDA and the DHBs have developed a nationally consistent vocational career design framework for resident doctors and DHBs in NZ. Please find below the agreed guidelines and career planning form for completion by Resident Doctors as and when required and / or when updating their career design.

Career Planning guidelines
Career Planning form
NZRDA’s Paper on Career Planning Oct 2011

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