Clinical Student Chapter

What is the NZRDA Clinical Student Chapter?

The NZRDA has always covered clinical students and had them as members. In recent years we have been seeing issues that interact with the workplace and have had a detrimental effect on clinical students and where we believe our assistance could have been valuable. So we are made aware of issues and can advocate effectively for clinical students in all aspects, we are setting up a clinical student chapter that will be run by clinical students and supported by the NZRDA and its executive.

We offer clinical students the following:


In the hospitals we are well placed to advocate for better conditions in the hospitals for medical students, it’s what we’ve done for the past 35 years for RMOs. Be this rostering, behaviour towards you in the hospitals, or the stipend we want to support you as best we can.

With the professional conduct committee We also understand there is a need for advocacy in the university environment. The Professional Conduct Committee and its potential impact on your studies and future medical career can be huge. We are deeply concerned by students going into this process unprepared. We will provide you professional and experienced advice and advocacy should you find yourself in front of the committee to ensure your rights are upheld and due process is followed.

Free Indemnity Insurance through NZMII

We want to ensure you are protected from all issues that could arise during your time in the hospitals. To this end, we would provide all members of the student chapter with free medical indemnity insurance in conjunction with NZMII.

Preparation for your PGY1 year

Through our resources, training days, and advice we will give you a firm understanding of what to expect, and what your rights are, in your PGY1 year.

Scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants will be able to be applied for by clinical students.

Industrial advice for jobs before your PGY1 year

Our industrial advocates are able to offer advice and representation on issues you have in jobs whilst you are still studying.


Membership Application

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  • Each Member acknowledges that by virtue of their membership: a. They appoint NZRDA to act as their exclusive agent in all matters connected with their employment or prospective employment, including the negotiation and enforcement of any individual or Collective Agreements unless agreed otherwise by the National Executive, provided that NZRDA can cease to act if the member and NZRDA agree. b. They will be bound by the terms of any employment agreements which are negotiated by NZRDA and are duly ratified in accordance with these rules. c. They will be bound by these rules until their membership ends, including rules relating to the procedure for the ratification of any terms of settlement of any negotiations relating to the terms and conditions of their employment to which NZRDA may agree pursuant to the Employment Relations Act 2000. d. They give their consent to NZRDA accessing personal information relevant to their employment. e. NZRDA’s appointment as their exclusive agent continues until their Membership ends, or on the member and NZRDA agreeing that the appointment should cease.


We are the only representative body that has your best interests at heart. We can help with a wide variety of problems – all you need to do is ask! Membership for TIs is free – Just fill in the form above, and it’s done.

You will receive:

  • A copy of the quarterly Resident Doctor Journal
  • Member updates
  • Reminder to update your membership when starting as a HO


Please note that Clinical Student membership does not entitle you to voting rights.

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