What is the entitlement to the lump sum payment?
The lump sum payment is $2,000 gross for House Officers and $2,500 gross for Registrars.

To be eligible for this entitlement you need to have been a member of the RDA and employed by a DHB as an RMO on the date of ratification (12 August 2019).

Am I entitled to the lump sum payment if I joined the RDA after the date of ratification?

Am I eligible to receive the lump sum payment if I am a Trainee Intern?
No. You need to be DHB employed on the date of ratification in order to receive this payment. This is the standard practice when lump sum payments are offered by employers during the bargaining process. The lump sum payment is essentially another form of backpay to reflect the period of time when the MECA was under negotiation and no salary increase was made.

When will this lump sum payment be made?
DHBs will endeavour to process the lump sum payment in the first pay period following ratification of the settlement. We can not provide you with specific date but we can assure you we will be chasing things up with the DHBs should they drag out the processing of the lump sum payment.

Will the amount of the lump sum payment be pro-rated?
If you are a part time employee at the date of ratification then the lump sum payment will be pro-rated. The lump sum payment will also be pro-rated if you have not had continuous service (i.e. not broken by a period greater than 1 month) across DHBs during the 12-month period prior to the date of ratification. The exception to this is if your service has been broken due to a training requirement (e.g. Public Health Reg training requirements).

Where can I find the relevant clause in my MECA?
Please see clause 8.11 on page 19 of your MECA.

Need more information?
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