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We receive a large number of accommodation related enquiries from our members, so we have created this resource to help you find accommodation. Click through the listings below to find a suitable accommodation, or use the form below to submit a listing of your own. All listings will be published on this page for one month, after which you can resubmit your listing if you wish, but please refrain from submitting more than one listing at a time.

Listing #1

Name: Sunil Penumarthy



House in Whanganui
3 bedrooms, 2 other RMO’s already here. 1 bedroom for rent – have the option of two rooms:

Room 1) Ensuite with walk-in wardrobe: suitable for both one person and a couple. Rent is 200 including power/internet/flat stuff
Room 2) Just a regular room. Rent is 160 including power/internet/flat stuff

Approximately 5 min drive to hospital. 13 minute bike ride with cycle trail all the way to hospital :)
Available from now so whenever you want to move, its available.

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