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The DHBs (now Te Whatu Ora) acknowledged during MECA ( now SECA)  bargaining 2021 that there was evidence of demand pressures on Emergency Departments across New Zealand, “with potential delays in care and treatment of patients and increased workload intensity for ED staff.”

As part of settlement of the MECA, the DHBs and RDA committed to reviewing the RMO staffing and rostering in every ED prior to 1 July 2022 relative to patterns of patient presentations/demand.

The NZRDA ED rosters survey

In October and November 2021 we conducted a survey of NZRDA members who had worked on an ED roster in the last 12 months. Responses from the survey are below.

ED Campaign Media

NZRDA Delegates Dr. Rosa Tobin Stickings and Dr. Jordan Gibbs on the increased workload in emergency departments.

TVNZ: Emergency departments feeling the weight of the strained health system
Winter continues to put pressure on our already struggling health system, with record numbers of patients turning to emergency departments leaving hospital staff worried they cannot keep up. Resident Doctors Association (and ED Registrar) Dr. Rosa Tobin Stickings says these are systemic issues that stretch back years. “There’s been long-term under-investment in staffing in health care not much forward planning, looking at our workforce pipeline, and how many people actually need to be employed to keep up with the demand. It’s going to keep increasing.”

Patient left in emergency department for whole day before being moved to ward, 16 February 2022


Patients dying in ED a ‘psychological hit’ for doctors, 17 June 2022


Wellington DHBs pause non-urgent care leaving hundreds waiting for surgery, 21 June 2022


MidCentral considers employing more emergency department doctors, 4 October 2022


Doctors advocate: Immigration won’t fix Middlemore crisis, 19 October 2022


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