MECA for TIs

MECA for TIs

MECA stands for Multi-Employer Collective Agreement. It is the employment contract under which you will be employed when you commence work. Don’t get confused by the wording of letters from the DHB. Most will refer to the MECA and inform you to contact NZRDA if you wish to remain covered. If you are a member of NZRDA, you will continue to be covered by that agreement and anything further which is negotiated by NZRDA.

Now, the legal stuff. We are obliged to tell you that unless you join NZRDA you will not be covered by our MECA and will be employed instead in an Individual Employment Agreement (an IEA), the renegotiation of which is for you to arrange with your employer.

Please first visit our MECA FAQs page for basic information relevant to TIs on the MECA. This covers the basics that TIs have asked us to cover. Visit our MECA page for more detailed information.

If you would be interested in learning more and even being a rep yourself, there is a 4-day training session held each year in March. Just contact our office for further information at

Finally, if you can’t find anyone to ask whether the question is small or the event appears catastrophic, contact NZRDA. No matter how large or small the problem, we are here to help. And, by the way, if it is “one of those moments” and it is 1300 hours on a Saturday – do call; it’s what we are here for.

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