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Examples of rosters

Rostering Guidelines Under COVID

A Note on 12 Hour Shifts

Watch an Instructional videos on the donning & doffing of PPE gear here.


We are aware some places are struggling to get scrubs.  Your MECA now provides that:

“It shall be the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the workplace meets the required health and safety standards and that effective and maintained safety equipment (including Personal Protective equipment such as scrubs, masks etc) is provided where required by service and/or by the context of the employees’ work.”

If you are having difficulty, first port of call is usually to get scrubs from the theatre changing rooms.  If you have any push back from theatre staff contact us. We can then go through the RMO unit to ensure that this is resolved.  Email for assistance if you need.

Childcare arrangements  

  • Workers who have children aged up to 13-years-old can access free care, so they are able to continue to provide the essential services we need during the current lockdown.
  • This is for the workers in Alert Level 4 businesses and services, and other exempted services such as fire and emergency and border workers.
  • The scheme is also only for those Level 4 workers who do not have childcare in place – parents are expected to use their own private arrangements where possible.
  • A list of 32 providers, with national coverage, is now available for parents to contact.
  • These providers may offer options for childcare under the scheme either in the child’s home, or in the carer’s home.  The scheme aims to provide as much flexibility as possible for those workers who need it.
  • Just like last lockdown, these are all licensed services that usually provide home-based early childhood education – so all the safety checks have been done. And, just like last time, each carer will be limited to caring for children from a total of one family only.
  • Note: The funding is available for childcare provision where there is no other adult in the worker’s household who can care for the child, and the carer does not normally live at the same address as the worker.
  • More information, including how to contact a provider, can be found here.

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The ‘Covid-19, don’t bring it home’ printable resource

A resource on 12 hour shifts

As a result of the unions representing healthcare workers working together and actively lobbying, ADHB has changed their visitor policy. The new visitor policy is as follows:

No visitors to be granted access unless approved by the Clinical Nurse Manager or senior manager on shift.

A maximum of one visitor or legal guardian that has been screened will be granted access if approved.

Birthing Suite: 1 support person can be with the labouring mother during birth and can stay postnatally until discharge – as long as they fulfil safety criteria. They need to stay in their bubble, in the room, as much as possible and wear a medical mask in public spaces/if there is a staff member in attendance.

Women’s Clinics: 1 support person may attend sensitive appointments or scans. Child health services including inpatients, outpatients and NICU: A maximum of one visitor or legal guardian that has been screened will be allowed to visit/accompany and cannot be swapped with another parent/guardian. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and any special care units: Visitor numbers will be restricted to one at a time and must be a parent or legal guardian.

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