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Click on one or more of the informative videos below to get an idea of what your day to day life will be like as an RMO. These videos have been made by our National Executive team and will give you a hands-on perspective of your employment for when you become a House Officer.

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Beginning your first year as a house officer is always daunting. As well as coming to grips with being a doctor you also need to understand what it means to be an employee. The RDA is here to help you deal with “all that contract stuff” and more. We are the only representative body that has your best interests at heart. We can help with a wide variety of problems – all you need to do is ask! Membership for TIs is free! Just visit the Membership page or click on the button above, fill in the form, and it’s done. You will receive:

  1. A copy of the quarterly Resident Doctor Journal
  2. Member updates
  3. Reminder to update your membership when starting as a HO


Please note that TI membership does not entitle you to voting rights.

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